E-Learning Structure for Enhancing the Efficiency of Education

E-Learning Structure

E-learning enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of education. Education is a basis for future developments. Every parent wants to give best to their child. As we know effective education is really important to survive in the competitive world. If children don’t get an effective education it will ruin his future. And no one wants to face failure in their life so parents mainly focus on schools which have all kind of digitalized learning. E-learning refers to electronically supported learning’s and teaching’s-learning is in which digital communication, other electronic devices, and use of the internet to make learning effective and qualitative one. Educator uses new electronic modern devices in the teaching process. It mainly refers to developing programs and courses by using a computer with internet connection. It brought a drastic change in the educational system. Use of computers and newly developed technologies has become the crucial part of learning as well as teaching. Learning has given a new concept of teaching-learning. It redefined the educational system. It’s a basis for modern-day learners’-learning has positively affected not only the educational field but also other fields too. Technology changed and improved the learning systems.

For example, the English language is foreign language still in this modern world everyone should know English. In every field, people prefer talking in English. When you talk in English it automatically increases your value and boosts your confidence. Now in this modern English and digitalized era teacher can use movies, dramas, commentaries and other pieces to encourage English and language learning’s. It seriously positively affected students and helped students to gain new words and understand new languages. By using technologies and modern devices in the classroom it helped the teacher to make teaching-learning process attractive. In the olden day there was no interaction with the students it was a passive classroom. But now such teaching process can’t work. Students have become modern and their thoughts about world and life also changed so according to that we as a teacher have to move. This E-learning made teaching more interesting, meaningful, and interactive for the student. Internet, Skype, Twitter, smart boards, and blogs are some successful tools which can be used in teaching learning process without any doubt.

E-learning reduced the cost of education. It’s not easy for everyone to handle the educational expense. No one has that much money. Some people as an extra class go to tuition and other extra classes. But everyone will not able to afford such expenses. When we think that way E-learning has reduced the expenses. By taking online classes people can reduce their extra expenses. As we know E-learning is a paperless way of learning so it will be like eco-friendly learning. If every institution and educational organization follow and adapt E-learning system then there will be no need to cut trees for obtaining paper. So we can say that E-learning is an eco-friendly way of learning.

It has a positive impact and influence on the educational organization and its profitable one. It results in a high score on examination and to attain pass and mastery level. Lessons can start quickly and also finish it in single learning. When we compare traditional classroom teaching method and E-learning method we can surely say that E-learning has changed our learning and teaching quality. When you are in the classroom and listening to lectures sometimes you will not able to catch the particular parts of the lesson and if you want to listen to it again it may not be possible every time. But in E-learning, you can hear the lecture again and again. You can hear it a number of times. It is mainly helpful when you are preparing for exams. So in E-learning, you can attend the lecture whenever you want. It will make your learning more effective.

As we all know that teaching is one of the best jobs and when technological development involved in teaching field it made the teaching profession more interesting. So one can enroll in the online teaching program in which you have to give a class once or twice a week. Online teaching job is gaining fame and one can get into it by the advantage of e-course certificate. Not only in the educational field in every field is e-learning knowledge required. In every platform, employers are trained with e-learning courses. People are busy in achieving their career in such cases e-learning helps you to go hand in hand with career and education. Education can be gained anytime and anywhere. One can focus on both careers and on education. E-learning completely changed the learning system in a good way.

E-learning is a learner-friendly alternative and also helps the teacher to establish a good rapport with the students. This teacher shows every lesion by using technology it makes students more alert and helps them to ask a different kind of questions. Image and video presentation always give an extra effect in learning. The effort of teacher and combination of technology improves the quality of education. When we compare traditional learning and modern learning system we can say that modern learning method gave us new and positive effect on learning system. Flexibility, easy materials, speed, and coast reduced study these are some advantages which make learning more fun and effortless.


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