8 places you must visit in Khajjiar

Located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, Khajjiar is known as the Switzerland of India. Surrounded by dense deodar and pine forest and meadows, the beautiful place is at an altitude of about 2,000m above the sea level. A small plateau between the dense forests and green meadows, Khajjiar is in everyone’s bucket list. If you want a larger than life memorable experience, Khajjiar is just the place for you to experience nature and its ethereal beauty. You must make your plan for your hotel room in advance via using Oyo Rooms Offers Online in Khajjar.

Spend Some Time at Khajjar Lake

So, if you are planning to visit Khajjiar anytime soon, you can head to these 8 places in Khajjiar and make most out of the journey to the “Switzerland of India”.

Spend Some Time at Khajjar Lake

If you are Khajjiar and you don’t visit Khajjiar Lake- that means you haven’t visit Khajjiar. At the altitude of 1920 meters surrounded by lush green forests, there lies a beautiful surreal lake in the valley. For rejuvenating your mind and soul, sit near the lake and feel the nature’s beauty. Though the lake is slowly on the verge of vanishing, it still looks really beautiful in the tranquil environment. You can stay there for hours- only sitting and doing nothing. Moreover, people come here for a picnic, zorbing, horse riding, and paragliding. You can also see the gigantic view of Mt. Kailash from the lake only on a sunny day.

Seek Blessings at Khaji Nag Temple

Khaji Nag temple is one of the oldest temples in Himachal Pradesh which is dedicated to the Lord of Serpents, Khaji Nag. Built in the 12th century, the temple reflects the Hindu-Mughal architecture out of the wooden carvings. It is near to the Khajjiar Lake and the “bhakts” of Lord Shiva come here to seek blessings. Moreover, the ancient practice of sacrificing goat is still practiced at the temple.

Visit Panchpula Waterfalls

In the dense green deodar and pine trees, there lies a surreal place Panchpula near Khajjar. You can witness Panchpula waterfalls which is an exotic waterfall for a picnic and having fun. Located near Dalhousie, Irrespective of weather, you can go there for a picnic and spend some time there for fun. If you are looking for some time away from the city disturbance and want to have unlimited fun in nature’s lap, go to Panchpula for sure.

Hike at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful and blissful places in Khajjiar. Laid over 30 square kilometres, it is between Dalhousie and Khajjiar Lake famous for hiking and nature walks. The larger than life trees of Blue Pine, Green Oak and Rhododendron can give you lovely experience. Moreover, you can come across various animals like barking goral, Himalayan black marten, langur, jackal, bear, and leopard. Small tributaries of Ravi river also make their way through the sanctuary making the scenery more beautiful. You can also find the best possible options to stay nearby Kalatop wildlife Sanctuary and try booking rooms via available Yatra Coupons Online.

Stay with locals at Kailash Villages

If you really want to go deep in the natural love and tranquillity, head to villages near Mount Kailash. In the lush green dense forests of deodar, there are some villages like Rota and Ladi which will give you wonderful experience and from there you can have the clear view of the mighty Mount Kailash and other snow-capped peaks. Around the Khajjiar Grounds, these villages are very famous for apple orchids.
You can also do homestays there with the villages locals- explore the beautiful villages, have Himachali cuisines and food and over that, make every moment count.

Golden Devi Temple

Located near Khajjiar Lake, Golden Devi temple is a famous tourist spot in Khajjiar. The temple got its name from the golden dome it has. Near the temple, it has a golf course where you can witness some beautiful and pure view in the tranquillity of the lush greenery.

Learn about the mythology behind PanchPandav Tree

In the lush green dense deodar forests which are surrounding the beautiful Khajjiarlake, there lies the PanchPandav tree which is an ancient tree. The tree has 6 shots and as per locals, the shoots represents the 5 Pandavas and Draupadi. It is located near a rest house leading to some Khajjiar remote villages. There is also a giant deodar tree with around 15 shoots located about a kilometre away from Khajjiar which is known as “Mother Tree” in that area.

Head to Dainkund Peak

Just 16km away from the “Switzerland of India”, Daiankund Peak is the highest peak in Dalhousie which will give you a beautiful scenic view of all other snow-capped mountains in the region. Though it is snowy white in heaven, the summer turns it into the lush green meadow. After the 3.5km, trek, once you reach the top, you get a beautiful view of the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas, It seems like that you are in paradise truly.

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