8 Places Where Germs Are Hiding in Your House

8 Places Where Germs Are Hiding in Your House

Microbes and viruses are seen everywhere, and home is no exception. No matter how clean you keep your home, there are certain places in your home that are filled with germs. You might not even be realizing how tons of bacteria are collecting in these places. You need to clean these neglected areas regularly to protect your home environment of flu, cold and sicknesses.

Places where germs are hiding

  1. Kitchen sponge – Kitchen sponges used to clean the surfaces and vessels on your kitchen sink harbor plenty of bacteria. Tons of food particles and enough moisture become perfect breeding ground for bacteria on the sponges. To keep them free of germs, you need o soak them in a bleach solution once a week.
  2. Bathroom faucet – They contain a lot of germs as they are touched by hands often for washing and rinsing. They need to be sanitized every week to keep it free of germs.
  3. Kitchen sink – It is the second most germ laden spot in your home. Studies reveal that about 45% of kitchen sinks contain coliform bacteria and 27% contain mold. Sink gets contaminated with household germs while washing poultry, vegetables, meat, fish and fruits. Food particles on the plates left to soak serve as a breeding ground for illness causing bacteria like salmonella and e-coli. This can make the family members sick if it is not disinfected using a sanitizer twice a week. Once a month, wash down your kitchen drain with a solution of one teaspoon bleach and a quarter of water.
  4. Toothbrush – They harbor bacteria from the mouth. These toothbrushes also get contaminated from the bacteria in the toilet. Flushing the toilet sends spray of contaminated water as droplets into the air. They float around in the air for at least two hours and inevitably, they settle on the surfaces including your toothbrushes. Some of the quick fixes to this are by placing your toothbrush where it can get dry easily and also should not be kept close to the toilet. After one falls sick, toothbrush must be replaced with a new one. While flushing, it is best to close the lid.
  5. Cutting board – They are perfect places where bacteria multiplies. If used to cut raw meat and not washed properly, then bacteria from the meat will be transferred to other food items placed on the cutting board. It needs to be sanitized by spraying it with vinegar.
  6. Stove knobs – Since they are touched often by the hand, they are covered by aerobic and fecal bacteria. This should be avoided by wiping them cleanly with a wet cloth and cleansers.
  7. Kitchen counter tops- Since we tend to keep a lot of things on the kitchen tops, it collects a lot of germs and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. They need to be washed with warm, soapy water and then disinfected with a disinfectant.
  8. Remote control – Everybody in the house uses it and when one coughs or sneezes or when it stuffed between sofa cushions or dropped on the floor, it collects a lot of germs. Research has said that remote controls at home have the most germs as they come in contact with human hands often. Remote controls have a lot of cold viruses and they need to be cleaned often. You need to wipe them with a bleach or alcohol and also wash your hands often to protect yourself from germs. Computer keyboard

Unclean homes attract pests and germs causing serious health hazards to family members. You can hire deep cleaning services in Dubai to give a thorough cleaning and ensure germ free atmosphere. If you have pest infestation, then call pest control companies in Dubai to disinfect your home. Ensure to take steps to clean your home of germs at all costs.

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