7 Ways You Can Boost Your Online Conversion Rate In 2019

There are different ways you can use to monetize the traffic coming to your website. When you own a website, regardless of you being a content creator, you want something from it. One way to monetize your website is to show ads. Businesses who find it relevant to advertise their products on your website will approach you and you can simply show their advertisements there. However, that is not it. You can do content marketing. A subtle mention of a given product or service in your content can bring you a lot of money. Or if you own a website where you want to sell your product or service, you will start worrying about conversion rates. Take for example e-commerce websites. Here are 7 ways you can boost your conversion rate. Quality plagiarism free content really helps to improve the overall online conversion rate of a site.

7 Ways You Can Boost Your Online Conversion Rate In 2019

Use a countdown clock

Of course, putting up a sale offer helps businesses in increasing sales. But saying that a sale is valid till a certain date only induces a limited sense of urgency. You are more than that. If you want to create immediate sense of urgency, use countdown clocks. When a visitor sees that there are only 24 hours left to avail an offer, it creates a much bigger impact than when they see that there is one day left. See the difference? It has been found that countdown clocks can increase conversion rates up to 11%.

Use exit pop ups

You will notice that a lot of your visitors will open your website, dwell for a couple of seconds and then just leave. How can you hold these people back? How can you stop them from leaving? One of the best ways to do that is through exit pop ups. It is a message that pops up when a visitor is trying to navigate away from your website. It is a way to hold them back. You can show them a message to sign up for your email list and what not. Through continued targeting, you will notice that your email conversions will also increase as your list increases. Another cool trick you can use is to show in the background of your exit pop up what the visitors will receive for signing up with you on the email. That gives them further excitement for signing up.

Offer free trials and one dollar trials

Now a lot of people on your website would want to purchase from you but they would not know if the service or product is right for them. How about you convince them by giving them a product or service sample? Give them a taste of what you stand for. If your product is good enough and if people want to further stay, they will. You will notice that a lot of people will be willing to staying with you for a longer period of time once the trial is over.

Personalize your pages

One technique you can use in your marketing is geo targeting. Here, depending on the location of your visitor, a particular page is shown. What this means is that the pages are personalized. You can mention specific states and cities for people coming from different areas. If you offer services worldwide, you can put names of the countries to start with. This way, the visitor feels more connected with you.

Try PicSnippet

Again, personalizing your content can be really helpful. When someone opens an email from a business and sees a message that is obvious to be sent to 100 other people as well, they are less likely to convert. PicSnippet is a tool. What it does is that it allows you to create personalized picture messages to send to your visitors on the email. This way, each unique visitor has their name on the image when they open their email. This will send a much more personal message and create a sense of connection. One example of this includes webinars. If someone leaves your webinar in the middle, you can send them a custom message with your image holding a card saying ‘why did you leave the webinar, _______?’ The dash will fill up the name for every individual email.


The concept of remarketing has been around for ages. But the sad reality is that most people don’t remarket. What this means is that they end up losing valuable sales. See, conversion is not easy. Nobody wants to open a website and make a purchase immediately unless it is a brilliant product. It takes time for people to convert. Imagine you own an e-commerce store. A lot of your visitors will open your website and see products but then forget about them. It is your job to remind them of what they are missing out on. You can use Facebook, YouTube and what not to remarket to your visitors.

Create quizzes

With a business, you need to create engagement as well. You want to constantly come up with content that will keep your visitors busy. One way to do that is through quizzes. And for the results, you can generate leads by asking the visitors to give you their email so that you can email the answers. Sounds good, right?

If you leverage the above 7 tactics for your online store, we are confident that your conversions will increase and you will have a lot more visitors becoming customers than just be on the website.

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